Vanished are the days when the traditional education by sitting in the classroom was an imperative. The advancement of science and technology brings you to the changes in every sphere of life. Along with the other aspects of life, some innovations have surfaced in the academic circles too. Education is more easily and conveniently accessible today. Whether you are a student getting education through the conventional system or a working professional; all can access the education irrespective of the various constraints. One may not get a Visa to go the United States of America but none can prevent him from getting a degree from a reputed university of USA. With the propagation of Distance Education, the people are becoming free from the clutches of certain constraints now.

How is distance education different from the conventional system?

    Well, the distance learning does not mean learning some different things. The subject, the syllabus, the chapters, aims and objectives and everything remains the same. The difference lies in the method of learning. In the conventional system of education, the attendance in the academic institutions and classrooms is mandatory whereas in distance learning you do not need to sit in the classroom. From your home workplace or from any corner of the earth you can learn and get a degree in the respective subject.

Reasons of popularity of Distance Education

  Why is the distance learning in India and abroad scaling the heights of popularity? Is the conventional educational system unable to play the desired role? The popularity of distance education lies its merits and not in the demerits or shortcomings of conventional system. Whether you are interested in part time diploma or distance education MBA; your desires can be fulfilled in either way. A working professional does not need to sacrifice the job. There is no need of a babysitter for a mother. No need to get up early in the morning before the sun rises. No time and space constraints. Without punctuating your ongoing tasks, jobs or assignments you can pursue any part time courses in India or abroad. Due to the time, space, geographical limits, distance and many more constraints the conventional system of education could not provide an equal learning opportunity for all. Distance or long distance education system has overcome all such constraints and offered the convenient accessibility to all sorts of education.

Where can you get the study material and guidance?

    You can receive the books from the universities or the academic institutions running the distance education courses. But if you have access to internet, you have the whole world in your fingertips. You have a huge online database from where you can obtain all sorts of data or resources for your learning. Whether you are interested in part time B tech or distance education diploma; you can get more than enough resources to study and get a degree. The distance education degrees will help you not only in getting a job of your choice but in your promotion to higher posts as well.

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