Gone are the days when it was mandatory to attend classed daily to obtain a professional degree. Now, top distance education universities in India offer distance education courses in B.Tech and M.Tech. You can enroll to these courses through online or submission of offline application forms, based on the university that you wish to apply. There are a number of institutions in India offering this Distance Education facility.


    The admission procedure is also not very complicated. Part time B.Tech courses offers you the flexibility of joining either in the first year or directly in the second year through lateral entry. To join laterally, you have to submit the proof of completing diploma course. You can also choose a discipline different from the one that you chose in diploma. Part time education is a boon to all working professionals, who can take up classes during weekends. This especially gives lot of convenience to those who wish to do their M.Tech course, by working simultaneously.

Courses Offered:

    The disciplines offered under B. Tech and M.Tech courses is wide and you can choose the one which best suits you. Top engineering courses like ECE, EEE, CSE, IT, Civil and much more are offered at top distance education universities in India. The range of courses is even wider in case of M.Tech. Apart from regular courses, research course is also offered under part time education. You have to take up an entrance exam to get an admission into research courses.

Duration of Course:

    The duration of course in most of the distance education university is similar to other universities. It is of the duration of four years in case of B.Tech and two years in case of M.Tech. The examination is of semester pattern, with a total of eight semesters for B.Tech and four semesters for M.Tech course. In some top distance education universities in India, credit rating system is followed for the entire course. You can choose the credits that you wish to take up for each semester. In this way, part time courses offer you a greater flexibility to balance with your professional career.

Career Prospects:

    The most important question which may haunt you before taking up course in any distance education university will be about the career prospects, after completing the course. In case of part time B.Tech and M.Tech courses taken up through distance learning, offers you all prospects similar to the regular courses. It is important just to check if the institution offering distance education is recognized and is established under U.G.C. Act. If that is true, then you can apply for any job under the central or state government with the degree obtained from that university.