It is no longer necessary to enrol for regular courses, as there is a number of distance education courses made available. The degree that you gain through distance education is also treated equal to that of the regular course degree. But you have to be careful in choosing the best distance education university in India. This is because, there are several courses and universities that neither are recognized by the government nor accredited. When you take up such courses, then it will be of no value. So, when you plan to take up distance education India, it is important to check for the reputation of the institution when you plan to study.

Correspondence Vs Part time degree

    Almost all the courses right from engineering to business administration are made available through either correspondence or as part time education. Most of the arts and science courses are covered under correspondence course where you need not attend any regular or part time classes. You just have to go through the study material that you obtain through post and clear the exam. The rules to enrol for correspondence courses India are very simple, and you can finish off these courses when you are in a full time job too.

    The flexibility is little less in case of part time courses, as you will have to attend the classes either in the weekends or daily in the evening. Most of the engineering and business administration courses are available as part time. To successfully complete part time engineering courses, you should have enough attendance, or else you will not be allowed to take up the final examination. Class room sessions are made mandatory for these courses as the syllabus covers many practical subjects, which requires a lab or class room to understand clearly.

How to enrol?

    When you plan to enrol for a part time or correspondence course, you have to check for few things. This includes the reputation of the university, course and other criteria. For this, you first collect the data of top distance education universities in India. It is always better to go for one which is recommended by large number of students. This is because in many of the employment opportunities, they may specifically mention the name of the university as an eligibility criterion. So, look for a reputed institution, which is preferred by most employers. Though the accreditation and reputation of the distance education university is important, other things like course material, syllabus and examination should also be taken into consideration.

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